Club Loofah

A Clean Break

Scientists found that after 3-4 weeks in the shower, your loofah stops cleansing and starts hosting gross bacteria that can cause real harm to your overall health and skin. Ditch the dirty scrub already and start a brand new self-care habit you can feel good about.

Not Just a Pretty Pouf


High-quality, naturally cleansing loofahs that are bigger and foamier than anything you’ll find at the big box stores.


Cute package delivered monthly so you never have to think twice about replacing your dirty pouf saving you time and money.


Always free shipping. Never accidentally overspend at that dollar bin again. β€‹πŸ˜‰

It's Scrubbin' Simple

You pick your favorite way to exfoliate: Classic, Spa, Organic, or the Glove.

We’ll deliver your new favorite pouf straight to your door, free shipping every time.

That's it: get started for just $4.99!

Happy Skin-Obsessed Friends

​​I never knew that something as sweet sounding as a loofah could also be growing bad stuff. Once I signed up for Club Loofah, I realized what a huge favor I was doing for myself and my body!

– Annie

I had no idea I was supposed to swap out my loofah more often. Now that I do, I love that Club Loofah does the thinking for me! Plus, getting a cute little package every month is kind of the best.

– Stephanie

I love that this subscription service gives you one less repurchase to think about and promotes more sanitary shower habits. Brilliant!

– Laura

Fresh scrubbies delivered your door monthly. Isn’t that the best idea? I chose The Spa based on cuteness alone but I love it.

– Blythe