A Self-Care Habit That Comes To You.

Shipped directly to your (shower) door monthly.


Make a choice.

Pouf ? Gloves? Sponge ? Select your product based on your lather & exfoliating preferences.

Lather up.

Your selection arrives  & it's time to enjoy your best new self care decision.

You've got mail.

Receive a fresh, clean replacement every 30 days and toss your old one.


Club Loofah is a self care subscriptions service that delivers premium bath products to your (shower) door each month- making daily rituals feel like joyous occasions

Why choose us?

Cleaner Skin

Our skin naturally sheds dead skin cells. Exfoliation with loofahs and sponges helps this natural process along, removing dead skin cells and sweeping away opportunities for bacteria to collect.

Less Germs

The longer a sponge or loofah hangs out in your shower, the more likely it is to grow bacteria. Changing it out regularly is like hitting the reset button, ensuring that you're not harboring bacteria and germs. 


Our products are delivered directly to you each month. No need to set a reminder or run the risk of forgetting to replace your sponge. No need to interrupt your schedule and head to go to the store.



Changing out your loofah at least once a month is vital to your skin health… Scientists found that after 3-4 weeks in the shower, your loofah stops cleansing and starts hosting gross bacteria that can cause real harm to your overall health and skin. 

Get Started For Just $6.99

Our Collection of Premium Poufs

Practicality and indulgence are not mutually exclusive.

Fresh scrubbies delivered your door monthly. Isn’t that the best idea? I chose The Spa based on cuteness alone but I love it.


I love that this subscription service gives you one less repurchase to think about and promotes more sanitary shower habits. Brilliant!