Ayate? 5 Reasons This Washcloth Should Meet Your Skin

Have you been using your extra time at home to Google tips and products to help your skin look stress-free and clear? Let’s face it, most of us are looking for ways to stay healthy, happy and hopeful right now, and while we’re certain there are plenty of stresses that could have effects on your skin, there are also natural bath products like the ayate washcloth that can have you feeling invigorated and refreshed on a regular basis. 

The Scoop...on the Scrub

Right, so first things first - our ayate cloth is made from 100% dried agave fiber and hand-made in Mexico. The process is quite labor-intensive: the fiber is harvested from cut agave leaves that are cooked then pounded into fibrous strands, softened under rocks, cleaned and soaked in a natural solution and finally hand woven into washcloths once dry. When the cloth is soaked in water, its fibers will soften and swell up; the weave then tightens after a few uses and improves its pliability and strength. This washcloth has been around for quite some time and is loofah-like, but more pliable, making it easier to use while providing similar results. 

Here’s why the ayate washcloth may be just what you’ve been Googling for.

Exfoliation Is Everything

Yes, we’re bringing up exfoliation again as part of your skin care routine because it’s just that important. The ayate washcloth’s naturally coarse texture works as a gentle exfoliator that stimulates your skin, removes dead skin cells and toxins, renews dull skin, helps prevent clogged pores and improves complexion and tone. Regular use can also improve circulation which can help diminish cellulite as an added bonus because once again, exfoliation is everything.

No Harm Here

natural agave plant

Since the washcloth is made from agave plants grown in the wild without harmful chemicals or pesticides, you can trust that it is all natural with no synthetic fibers, dyes, BPA or anything else your skin doesn’t need. This also means the bath product is biodegradable and won’t add damage to any space you exist in.

Make It Last…

We’ve already learned that our loofahs need to be replaced every 30 days on average, but that’s not the case with ayate washcloths. These natural cloths that dry quickly are mildew and mold resistant and can last up to 1-2 years when cared for properly. If you rinse and hang the washcloth to dry after each use and wash it regularly with normal laundry, it is durable and can be a part of your regular skin care routine well into the next year.

Lather Up, Let’s Glow

The ayate washcloth is also known for creating lots of lather without the harsh feeling other natural fibers are associated with - so lather up and wash your way to clean, glowing and rejuvenated skin. While you’re at it, you can also use those natural bristles to target your body’s rough spots like the elbows, knees and feet, or even massage sore muscles that need extra attention.

More Than One Method

Use it with your favorite facial cleanser, or soap or even by itself; as we continue to spend more time at home, you could even put another ayate cloth to work in your kitchen or other parts of your home as a natural cleaning product for scrubbing and dealing with tough messes.

Remember, the simple steps for the washcloth’s first time use: 

  1. Before your first use, soak the cloth in water so the fibers can soften and swell, the cloth will shrink in size. 
  2. Rinse after each use, hang to dry and repeat daily to your skin’s content.