How to Combat Body Acne


Summer is approaching and most of us are officially working on our summer bodies. Getting fit for the summer includes dietary changes, fitness routines, and achieving glowing skin. But what if your skin isn’t as glowy and flawless as you’d like due to body acne and the scars that accompany? 

All isn’t lost. Let’s get the details on how to combat body acne. 

Everyone has tips and tricks when it comes to their personal skincare ritual and what is working best for them. Yet, most of us still have a lot of questions. Here are a few facts that we all can use to improve our skin.

Shower & Exfoliate regularly 

Although body acne is not caused by a lack of cleanliness, it is important we are washing off all the sebum (oil) and sweat that builds up throughout the day. Body acne is common with individuals who work out regularly. As sweat and sebum move through our pores it is important to wash off any residue that may be left on the skin to minimize pore blockages. During the summer months, we also must be mindful that sunscreen can build up around the fine hair follicles all over our bodies. While our bodies rest at night, our skin is at work to regenerate itself. Boost the process with a clean surface. As the new skin cells are renewed during the pm be ready to remove the buildup of old cells in the am. This is where exfoliation plays a major part.

How are we exfoliating? Using a loofah regularly helps reduce breakouts by removing dead skin cells and sebum which will help pores from becoming clogged. A loofah will help with the texture of our skin as well. A soft, smooth, and polished look and feel that helps with blood circulation too. Be mindful most people tend to be rough, do not scrub too vigorously. This causes overdrying, which causes the skin to produce more oil, subsequently causing more breakouts. Also, it’s important to clean and/or renew your loofah often. We do not want it to become a place where bacteria live. 

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Use an acne focused body wash 

Check the ingredients and make sure there aren’t any sensitivities. Salicylic acid can cut through oil to unclog pores. Benzoyl peroxide works to kill bacteria and calm inflammation, making it great for treating large, red, angry acne. Look for an OTC product that also contains hydroxy acid, like glycolic acid or lactic acid. Hydroxy acids help to speed cell turnover. These ingredients can be found in bar soaps and shower gels.

Choosing a laundry detergent 

Some laundry detergents contain pore-clogging ingredients, so it's important that we observe what we are placing on sensitive skin and clothing while trying to combat body acne. Most laundry detergents contain fragrances that can clog and aggravate our skin follicles. Dye-free and fragrance-free detergents are ideal for sensitive, acne-prone skin.  Be cautious and read the fine print. Use the proper detergent while washing clothes and linen. We also encourage changing your bed-linens frequently.

A bonus tip we cannot forget: “Stay Hydrated.” everything we put in our bodies shows up in our skin. So, drink plenty of water to help flush out all the impurities. Hydrated skin is glowing skin. If our skin is not getting a sufficient amount of water and lacks hydration, it will cause our skin to become dry, tight, and flaky. Dry skin also has less resilience and making it even more difficult to achieve the summer glow!