Loofah what? Understanding what it is and why your skin wants it

natural loofah sponge

Loofahs - of course you’ve heard of them, but what’s their real purpose and what’s your skin going to say if you introduce one to your daily bath routine? Let’s first tackle what a loofah is and what it’s made of to help us discover why it’s considered one of nature’s best skin care products.

Long story short, it’s a plant

We won’t bore you with all the organic details, but a loofah is a plant and a relative of the cucumber - yes, that cucumber. It produces gourd-like substances and ripens until it turns dry and creates a tough network of fibers and a texture that gently exfoliates the skin, and reaps other benefits your skin has been craving.

Exfoliation, circulation and more

To be clear, exfoliation shouldn’t be underrated. Skin has a natural process of renewing itself, and can accumulate dead skin cells, keratin and oils that linger on the surface and in our pores. To achieve that glowing and healthy look for our skin, exfoliating with bath products like a natural loofah reduces the opportunity for acne, skin infections, roughness and dullness to sneak in; it also sets a routine of letting the skin underneath the surface layer breathe and get rejuvenated with minimal effort and cost. 

We know regular movement is key to a healthy life, and the same applies for blood circulation of the skin. When we gently scrub with a loofah  or sponge, the friction increases the blood flow and effectively gets rid of harmful toxins and chemicals that our bodies don’t need hanging around. Loofahs create this health benefit without scratching or irritating the skin, or putting a dent in our bank accounts, while promoting firmer and smoother skin that highlights our freshness. 

Speaking of freshness, using a loofah as part of your bath routine can be a whole mood-setter. The natural bath product acts as a light exfoliating massage, and can help you feel more relaxed and less overall tension in your muscles and your mind. After the year we’ve all been having, creating spaces for as much relaxation and positive energy as possible is a good way to go.

Safe to use for your body and the environment

Since loofah sponges come from organic sources, you don’t have to worry about them causing any damage to your skin. They’re safe for all skin types and all showers and baths; there’s nothing artificial about the loofah, no chemicals or irritants that will have you second-guessing this part of your routine. Without synthetic ingredients, loofahs are also biodegradable and won’t harm the environment in any way. When you go to replace your loofah sponge every 4 weeks, you can toss out the used loofah without concern that you’re not doing your part.

Replace your loofah every 4 weeks

It’s important to call out that using a loofah regularly is only safe and beneficial if you also regularly replace it every month. If you use the same loofah product over and over without disposing of it timely, the fibers may break down and bacteria and other harmful substances will build up - you can’t keep your skin glowing if your replacement routine isn’t on point.