The Organic

The Organic

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100% organic (literally, these are made from Mother Earth herself) and sustainable. The Organic is sturdy but not abrasive and applies just enough friction against your skin to deep clean and massage. This natural and renewable resource has been used for centuries and is known for it's exfoliation properties.

Wet or dry, the Organic can be used in the shower to slough away dry, rough skin or for dry brushing to stimulate your lymphatic system. Gently massage and cleanse away everyday stress and while enjoying the Organic's exfoliating powers removing impurities, toxins and dead skin cells.

Each loofah comes with a small attached cotton rope to conveniently hang in your shower to dry. Please note the may vary in size because they are natural, not man-made.

Exfoliating level: VERY HIGH

Lathering level: LOW

This is a subscription item.

Club Loofah is based on the science that replacing your loofah or sponge every 3-4 weeks is vital to you health and well being. Our loofahs and sponges are available subscription only. You will be billed monthly on the 10th or 20th depending on when you make your initial purchase. If you sign up between the 1st and 14th of the month you will be billed on the 10th of the following months. If you sign up between the 15th and and 31st of the month you will be billed on the 20th of the following months.

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