Club Loofah

We’re Club Loofah

Hi, hey, hello!

We celebrate women’s self-care in a way that’s smart and clean, just like you. When our all-female band of boss ladies discovered that one of our favorite ways to exfoliate was reeking nasty side effects on our skincare routine, we had to do something. Here’s the thing: we're busy and we know you are too.

We’re currently working as independent designers, marketers, and sisters so we needed a solution that made sense for our busy lifestyles and that of our fellow friends'. Then a star was born (and we're not talking about our shower ballads).

Now, you can feel confident knowing you are always cleaning with the freshest exfoliates that are working hard to keep your skin gorgeous month after month. 

Happy scrubbing,
Elena & Emily

(and Justin, the only dude at Club Loofah)