Club Loofah Frequently Asked Questions

What is your return policy?

Due to hygiene reasons we do not allow the return of our loofahs and sponges, however, if you are unsatisfied with your order you have the option of receiving a replacement or receiving another sponge or loofah from our collection. 

What if I do not want to exchange my product?

We will provide you with a full refund of your order, no questions asked. Customers who request a refund due to product dissatisfaction with a subscription item will have their subscription terminated immediately following the issuance of the refund.

I am moving, how do I update my address?

You can update your address at https://loofah.club/account. Enter your login information and you will be directed to a screen with two columns. The right column will have a view addresses option. Here you can enter your correct address or add additional addresses. 

If this poses an issue you can always contact us at customercare@lofoah.club and we can process your address change on our end. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, please visit https://loofah.club/account and log in using your credentials. We suggest that you cancel before your billing date to avoid the possibility of being billed for the upcoming month. 

You will then see two columns and in the right column it will say "Cancel this plan". Please click on this pop-up and select the reason you would like to cancel and then click "Submit." You can confirm by clicking on the "cancel plan anyway," followed by "accept" in the pop-up to fully cancel your plan.

Canceling a plan will not cancel a monthly replacement order that has already been generated. If you have canceled after your replacement has billed, you will need to email our team directly at customercare@loofah.club to cancel the pending order.

Can I cancel or pause my plan? Can I skip a replacement order?

Yes you can. It will need to be processed on our end. Email your request to customercare@loofah.club.

What happens if my product falls apart or is faulty?

While we pride ourselves on providing premium, durable products and faulty products have been a rare complaint, simply contact us at customercare@loofah.club and we will get a replacement out to you ASAP.

Where do you purchase your products from? 

We currently source our products from a US based wholesaler, however, we are working diligently to establish relationships with various manufacturers that uphold our commitment to quality, hygiene, and sustainability.