Club Loofah

Our Story

It started in the girl's room...

What happens when a mogul mama and her three teen girls start dreaming about their futures? Their dreams make our dreams come true, too.

Club Loofah was born out of a lesson IRL. Real women. Real needs. Real idea.

"I wanted my girls to learn by experience. You can go to business school and not know a thing about how to run a business. This was as organic of an ideation process as our premium loofah option."

So, we started talking about practicality and needs we could solve for fellow females.

"In our family, it's not a shower if a loofah wasn't involved (loofah or it didn't happen!), but we know how dangerous it can be not to replace them."

So, we started asking questions to help make everyone's lives a little easier. Club Loofah solved questions like...

Women don't keep a calendar of their loofahs. We could automatically do that for them.

When we can think of "one less thing" we can spend more time doing the things we love.

Impulsive buys are real. Why do we end up overbuying when we go to the store for basic needs. That trip to the dollar bin adds up. Save time, save money.

Why are poufs tossed in a dirty bin in stores? We should have the cleanest pouf for the cleanest clean.

It's a family story of strong and practical women. And we put it all together in a subscription experience that’s beautifully uncomplicated because it should be. Our goal started out as a way to teach our girls valuable lessons in business and ended up adding value to loofah ladies everywhere.

Welcome to Club Loofah. A better monthly subscription that's smart and clean just like you.

Bethany, Tristan, Hailey, & Cassidy