6 Month Classic & Organic Gift Subscription

6 Month Classic & Organic Gift Subscription

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This gift is perfect for the person who is serious about their skincare and they almost always have two different soaps in the shower at all times. They'll receive the organic loofah AND a classic monthly.

Why both?

They have different effects. The organic loofah is highly exfoliating and creates a low lather while the classic loofah has a medium exfoliation level with a high level lather. Some people may prefer to use one daily and the other occasionally based on their skin needs, hence  why this is the skin care obsessed's ideal gift!

Give someone special in your life something to get excited about when the mail comes and give the gift of fresh and clean each month! 

This is not a monthly subscription. You will be charged the entire amount up front. Your recipient will receive their shipment for each month you purchased.